MyScreen Tempered Gepard iPad Air/Air2/Pro 9.7"

ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ EAN:             5901924922155

ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΑΣΤΗΣ:        Gepard

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας 1 έως 3 ημέρες

Gepard Glass, tempered glass is a 9H Real, which protects from bumps and scratches, completely transparent and perfectly adapted to the vast majority of smartphones and tablets on the market.

Protective tempered glass of high quality, custom designed for each model of Smartphone and tablet. The properties of tempered glass are: high transparency, high sensitivity, delicate touch and extreme hardness that protects from bumps and scratches.
Prevents breakage of the screen in the case of drops and bumps. It is a completely safe and reliable product.
Oleo-phobic coating
It allows repel grease, liquids, dirt and prevents fingerprints on the screen. It is easy to clean and has a surface smooth and delicate touch.
Thickness and Clarity
Tempered glass GEPARD offers 0,33mm thick ultrathin. It does not affect the visuality of the screen and maintains the original design Smartphone or Tablet.
Kit includes towel and adhesives for easy installation and to avoid bubbles.
a.- Use the wet wipe with alcohol and microfibre cloth to clean the screen before installation.
b.- Affix the adhesive fixing in the rear of the Smartphone or Tablet.
c.- Turn the Smartphone or Tablet, so the screen is facing up.
d.- Remove the protector from its packaging and remove the protective film. Be sure not to touch the adhesive surface with fingers.
E. Use the adhesives previously used to fix and align the protector Smartphone or Tablet.
F. Press gently from the center of the screen out, so that the adhesive extends all parties without bubbles. Be sure to press the edges of the screen.


  • Compatible with iPad Air/Air2/Pro 9.7